The Ultimate Nutritional Supplement for Pets

ArthryDex is Dr Wallach’s, very own all-purpose, complete nutritional supplement. It contains over 70 minerals and trace minerals, along with plant-derived enzymes, amino acids, glucosamine sulphate and gelatine for joint support. A full spectrum of all the essentials our furry family members require to live longer, healthier, happier lives.
Mixed in with their food, they love the taste and you will be amazed at the change in their behaviour and their increased vigour.
ArthryDex has a science-based formula and contains all the required daily essentials our pets need. Make sure they are getting enough and the best.


About Arthrydex

ArthryDex™ is a complete nutritional supplement with vitamins amino acids and enzymes formulated to support healthy bones and joints in small and large animals.

In order to live a healthy, fulfilling life, humans are recommended to incorporate 90 key vitamins, minerals and nutrients into their diets. Unsurprisingly, animals are no different. Arthrydex is designed to give your pet these essential nutrients in order to support healthy bone and joints, as well as improve overall health in animals.

Why minerals are important to your pet’s diet

A lot of the problems with animal ill health begin and end with the lack of nutrition in the food we feed them. 

There are hundreds of different pet food options on the market. And most claim they’re full of vitamins and minerals, but look at the source of the minerals in these factory foods. Most nutrients don’t survive the cooking process, so the makers need to add these minerals to the foods after processing. 

This means they’re not real. They’re synthetic. For minerals to survive processing and to stay price-competitive, most pet food companies add things like magnesium oxide, which is hard for your pets’ body to absorb let alone use. 

Trace minerals are an essential part of a pet’s nutritional diet and play a vital role in every single cellular process in their body. Just like humans, our pets are what they eat. They are subject to the same degenerative diseases brought on by poor diets and nutritional deficiencies. 

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My 15 year old cat has improved dramatically!

My 15 year old cat wasn’t able to jump up on the bed or sofa until I started him on the Arthrydex. It only took a week or two and amazingly he could jump up onto my desk which is taller than the bed or sofa. He sleeps less and has also become very playful and scampers through the house. He’s been on this for about a year now and I just ordered more. Don’t want him to be without it for a day. So easy to use, I just sprinkle the recommended amount on his dry or canned food and he loves it.


Great quality of life is what Arthrydex does for my pets.

This is an excellent product from youngevity. These are 100% plant-derived vitamins and mineral supplements for pets. I’ve been taking the human youngevity supplements for many years so I decided to get the ones for pets for my dogs. They have gotten great results my Pitt boxer mix just turned 10 and people still think he’s a puppy because he is so happy and energetic they think he’s younger than my chihuahua who is 3 years younger than him. They have had very few health problems in their life time and they love the flavor. Bosko (pit/boxer) doesn’t eat his food until I put the vitamins in his food .He stands there waiting for them I think he just really likes the flavor. So we are very satisfied with this product.


Arthrydex helps our aging dog

I have been using Arthrydex for our 13-year old Chihuahua mix since she was nine. Prior to giving her Arthrydex, she would have debilitating bouts of spinal disk issues near her shoulders that would go on for days. These would occur about once every one or two months and she could barely walk when they occurred. We wound up giving her a prescription steroid to help reduce the inflammation. Over the last year and a half we had only four minor episodes and she recovered quickly from each one. I attribute the very positive improvement to Arthrydex. I wouldn’t think of taking it out of her diet. Highly recommended.



Best thing ever for my dogs! They are very picky about what they eat and don’t like powdery things usually, but they love this! Been giving it to them for weeks now and though I dont visually see any difference, their stool is healthier, their energy has increased, and they don’t have any complaints.


No pet has ever turned it down. We use it as an inventive sometimes to get them to eat if their food is low grade kibble

We have used this product for a few years and its always worked for us. We travel and house sit and are with lots of animals, they all love it over their food and we can see a difference in their health after just a few days. No pet has ever turned it down. We use it as an inventive sometimes to get them to eat their food, because sometimes they dont like to eat if the kibble products are low grade an have no real nutrition. I highly recommend it to help get the nutrition that is missing in food, its the best product on the market that we have used for greatly improving animal health, bones, and vitality.


Old dog became attentive

My dogs love it, they lick the powder and sometimes they get a beard but lick it right off. Oldest dog had a physical change to his eyes. He looked tired and in 2 weeks had more energy or seemed more attentive. He was looking droopy and this product helped him.

See the results for yourself!